Perth Pop Up Bars

CRAFTED EVENTS WA have successfully produced over 400 popup bars in Western Australia. CRAFTED has developed strong relationships with local councils over the past 4 years and have been utilised to manage the licensed bars at local community events. Due to the small capacity and footprint of the CRAFTED popup bar operation, the increase in overall beverage consumption is minimal. 

What do we bring?
To ensure there is no extra hassle for us to trade at your event, we bring the following;

  • Approved Manager and RSA trained staff
  • Liquor Licence
  • Fencing
  • Festoon Lightign
  • Audio Visual

Contact us for more information!  

We have a number of pop up bars to utilise depending on the size of your event!


We are Perth’s ORIGINAL mobile bar and have been creating memorable moments for our clients since 2015!

Our CRAFTED BEER FLOATS are re-born horse floats from the 1970’s. Lovingly stripped back, sanded, sprayed and fitted with the most hi-tech beer dispensing equipment available. 

Our CRAFTED BAR FLOAT is a fully functional bar that can serve both packaged and up to FIVE tap beverages.


After attending the GABS beer festivals the past 5 year and contemplating if we should create a container bar or not,  the most recent 2018 trip brought back the “HAVE TO DO IT” creation. 

CRAFTED created Western Australia’s first 40 tap container bar.

Sleek, functional and industrially stylish, the Container Bar is the perfect vehicle for serving up to 40 different beers in the fastest way possible.


Our activation are “eye catching”, practical and built to perform. Our fastest operation was able to produce 3 cocktails per minute at the “Kegs By The Quay” event in 2018 in Perth…. with only 4 staff!

We customise a bar to suit your events theme and or brand. We also customise a menu to suit the event and target market. 

Who doesn’t like a Liquid Nitrogen Salted Caramel Espresso Martini?!